ESR 8: Multi-national multiple case examination of integrated care models for optimal transitions

27 February 2020

ESR8 – University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Multi-national multiple case examination of integrated care models for optimal transitions

Project leaders:
Dr. Franziska Zúñiga, Prof. Dr. Michael Simon
Institute of Nursing Science (INS), University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland

Dr. Markus Leser, Curaviva Schweiz, Bern, Switzerland

Objectives of the project:

1. To describe the transitional care effects of models aiming to better integrate care across settings and providers, with a view to transitions to and from nursing homes, and from the perspectives of senior citizens, providers, care organisations and health systems; and

2. To compare such integrated care models across three European countries

After a systematic literature review of transitional care effects of integrated care models, the early stage researcher will perform an exploratory, multiple case study to arrive at an in-depth, multiple perspective examination of three integrated care models in Germany, The Netherlands, and Switzerland. The case studies will capture the perspectives of policy, health care providers and clients through surveys, interviews and observations, to learn how transitions to and from the nursing home are handled and what structures and processes may hinder them. Data are integrated in within-case analysrs and then used for a between-cases analysis to gain insight into cross-national issues and derive lessons for future integrated care models.

Expected results:

1. A comprehensive overview of the evidence on transitional care effects of integrated nursing home care initiatives, and

2. International lessons for transitional care improvement through integrated care initiatives, including lessons on structures and processes that hinder transitional care improvement.

The early stage researcher is expected to achieve his/her PhD in Nursing Science within a timeframe of 3 years, and will contribute to teaching activities at the INS.


  • Academic secondment & Joint degree university:
    Martin-Luther-Universität, Halle-Wittenberg, Germany.
    Supervisor: Dr. Steffen Fleischer
  • Non-academic secondments:
    CURAVIVA, Bern, Switzerland. (The time in Switzerland will be distributed between CURAVIVA in Bern and University of Basel throughout the PhD)
    Supervisor: Markus Leser.
    MeanderGroep Zuid Limburg, Maastricht, The Netherlands
    Supervisor: Roger Ruijters

Project update February 2020:
The ESR8 project sits in work package 2 of TRANS-SENIOR, which seeks to improve unavoidable transitions into long-term care. Megan has recently submitted her long proposal to Universität Basel and is excited to start working on a meta-ethnography and begin ethnographic observations and interviews in the coming weeks. This work will allow her to explore person-centered care following a transition into long-term residential care from a theoretical and applied perspective. The aim of this is to look at the relationship between person-centered care and quality of life in order to report prospective guidance to optimize experiences in care following unavoidable transitions. Megan is particularly excited to begin ethnographic work in care homes in Switzerland, the UK and The Netherlands, which will allow her to observe care structures, explore the concept of quality of life from different perspectives in interviews, and understand the process of transitions into care and how this could be optimized through interviews and document analysis.


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