Senior Citizens & Informal Caregivers


Many senior citizens face transitions between care settings (e.g. at discharge from hospitals, when moving into a care home, or when seeking emergency care). Care transitions come with a risk of negative health and quality of care consequences, and should be avoided when possible or optimised when really needed. TRANS-SENIOR was set-up to improve care for senior citizens, and with care around transitions as a specific focus. 

TRANS-SENIOR works towards several meaningful results and products, being:

  • tools to support senior citizens and informal care givers in decision making (is a care transition a good choice or not?)
  • tools to support senior citizens and informal caregivers when preparing for transitions (what to consider or arrange for, how to make a smooth transition?)
  • guidance for professionals (how can they assist in making the right choices, and how can they help to ease the transition?)
  • guidance for policy and financing (how do we make sure that TRANS-SENIOR’s solutions make it into care practice?)

TRANS-SENIOR will train Early Stage Researchers (ESRs) to become HEALTH CARE INNOVATORS, the persons who should lead improvements in real-world care settings. 


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