AGE platform Europe, Belgium

Borja Arrue Astrain - Project and Policy Officer

Borja is responsible for AGE's policy work on long-term care and elder abuse, and he coordinates the respective Task Force on Dignified Ageing. He also works on a number of European projects on long term care, integrated care and demographic change. He is responsible for project management, awareness raising among AGE members and the elaboration of policy recommendations, among others.

Projects: Families And Societies (demographic change and social policy), MopAct (multidisciplinary research on ageing); InAdvance (Optimizing palliative care)

Julia Wadoux - Policy Coordinator for Health, New Technologies and Accessibility

Julia coordinates AGE policy work in the areas of health, new technologies and accessibility in support of active and healthy ageing. She is responsible for the Task Force on Healthy Ageing and the Task Force on Accessibility, mobility and new technologies. She works on the European Accessibility Act and monitor the related standardisation work. She represents AGE in the European Public Health Alliance (EPHA). Julia is also involved in the work on Age-Friendly Environments, supporting the Task Force on Age-Friendly Environments, as well as the European Covenant on Demographic Change and the related action group in the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Ageing. She is also involved in the SEED project which seeks to set up and run an EU Silver Economy Awards. 


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