Lindsay Groenvynck

Lindsay Groenvynck graduated as a Bachelor in nursing in 2015. The degree gave her the opportunity to work as a nurse for child and family services in Belgium for a year. After that, she obtained her Master in nursing and midwifery in 2018 with a major in research at the KU Leuven.

Throughout her master studies, she found her passion to pursue research in health services, paving the way to work as an early stage researcher in the TRANS-SENIOR program. The topic of her PhD is 'A collaborative intervention integrating home care and nursing home care' and her research focuses on optimizing care transitions in senior citizens. In particular, it emphasizes the development of an intervention model to improve transitional care for people with dementia between home care and nursing home. The intervention will be conducted and evaluated on a national level in the Netherlands and in collaboration with the KU Leuven. You can find more information about her research project here.

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