ESR 3: CAPABLE-NL community care intervention for avoiding transitions to institutional care

16 April 2020

Early Stage Researcher 3 - Ines Mouchaers - Maastricht University, Maastricht, The Netherlands

CAPABLE-NL community care intervention for avoiding transitions to institutional care 

Project update:
Ines is working on the adaptation of the CAPABLE intervention, originally created in the United States, to fit the Dutch care setting. To start the development and adaptation process, she is creating a theoretical framework on disability and person-environment fit. Soon, Ines will start with the next step which will be a context analysis to understand the needs of patients as well as caregivers and other stakeholders who will be involved in the project.

Project leaders:
Dr. Hilde Verbeek, Dr. Silke Metzelthin & Prof. dr. GIJM Kempen

Department of Health Services Research, Care and Public Health Research Institute, Faculty of Health, Medicine and Life Sciences

The project will be conducted from the Living Lab in Ageing and Long-Term Care, a formal and structural collaboration of Maastricht University with 9 long-term care organizations, Zuyd University of Applied Sciences and Vocational Training Institutes Gilde Zorgcollege and Vista college.

Objective of the project:
To adapt and pilot test the CAPABLE community care intervention for avoiding transitions to institutional care and to evaluate its feasibility and provide a first test of its effects in the southern part of the Netherlands.

Expected results:

Deliver a protocol for the CAPABLE-NL model of care, and provide first insights into the model’s feasibility and potential effects;

Gaining practical insights on how to adapt, implement and evaluate a complex intervention in a community care setting;

Generating first insights into evidence on implementation (barriers & facilitators), and potential effects with regard to residents (e.g., number of transitions, disability, mobility), family-related (e.g., caregiver burden, care satisfaction) outcomes and costs.


Academic secondment & Joint degree university 2: 
KU Leuven, Belgium (6 months)
Supervisors: Prof. Geert Goderis, Dr. Ellen Vlaeyen

Non-academic secondment:

MeanderGroep Zuid-Limburg, The Netherlands (1 month)
Supervisor: Jack Jansen

Landesfachhochschule fur Gesundheitsberufe Claudiana, Italy (1 month)
Supervisor: Dr. Dietmar Ausserhofer


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