ESR 5: Implementing INSPIRE, an integrated community care program for senior citizens

16 April 2020

Early Stage Researcher 5 - María José Mendieta - University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland 

Implementing INSPIRE, an integrated community care program for senior citizens

Project update:
María José just started working at Basel University in January 2020, an update will follow soon.

Project leaders:
Dr. Mieke Deschodt, Prof. Dr. Sabina De Geest
Institute of Nursing Science (INS), Department Public Health (DPH), University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland

The early stage researcher (ESR) will be embedded in the strong research infrastructure of the INS, the PhD Program Health Science (Faculty of Medicine - ) and will benefit from the offerings of the Swiss School of Public Health (

Objectives of the project:
1) To develop the INSPIRE community care model (an innovative community based care model for older persons in line with the new legislation in view of care for senior citizens in the Canton Baselland); and
2) To evaluate its implementation and impact on avoiding care transitions and other senior citizen-, provider- and health systems level outcomes.

Expected results:

  • A protocol for the INSPIRE integrated community-based care model that stratifies seniors for prevention and healthy aging interventions, self-management support, illness management or case management
  • Evidence on the implementation and effects of the INSPIRE care model.

Though the project is performed in a specific Swiss setting, generic elements of the care model will have major international relevance, and these results will be of high value for health care systems (inter)nationally facing similar challenges in care for senior citizens in community healthcare settings. More info on INSPIRE can he found here: (German version). For English abstract please contact
The early stage researcher is expected to achieve his/her PhD in Nursing Science within a timeframe of 3 years. All PhD students contribute to teaching activities in the Master’s program at the INS.


  • Academic secondment & Joint Degree University:
    KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium.
    Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Geert Goderis
  • Non-academic secondment:
    Curaviva Schweiz (Association of Care Homes and Social Institutions), Bern, Switzerland.
    Supervisor: Markus Leser.


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